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Ingelosi Design Studio Much More Than Design

The Beginning – Up and Running

Where it all started
The year was 2015 and the founder of the company was in a dead-end job. While she was trying to convince her boss to look further, and to see more opportunities for his business he kept on telling her that it wouldn’t happen and she couldn’t convince him. He said to her, this is the way it was, and is and will be. The founder got frustrated.

She started to think of a way to buy the business from him. She dreamed of how she would change the hole infrastructure. And how she would do things differently, from what it was then. A few days later when she was still dreaming of how to change all the company, she was reminded of something she heard a while back. Someone said ones: Why do you want to buy a franchise if you can start your own business instead. Then you don’t have the overheads and you don’t inherit other people depths, stress and problems.

Well she thought of it, she realized two things: If she would buy the franchise, she is only going to make someone else’s company famous and it will never be really her own. The second thing that come up was: If I start my own company, I can build it up to something magnificent and my name will be behind the company. The thoughts grew.

New beginnings
While she was still working in the dead-end job she made her decision. She took action, she took a leap of faith in April 2015. She picked a NAME. It come down to: Ingelosi Design Studio. Where it come from and the meaning Her maiden name was “van Engelenhoven” Dutch offspring. But she couldn’t settle for Engel or Angel, just because it is an overused name, and then she felled in Love with Ingelosi. Ingelosi is the Zulu word for Angel.

Then the wait
The name was picked, the logo was made, even business cards were printed and a new laptop was ordered. But it was not jet time. A hole year went by. The founder was working for a small marketing agency where she just again realized that: I can do this as well! She learned a lot from the last company, just to put her on her way into the future. And then, that day, it come as a NO surprise. They decided to close down the side where she was working. But it was just the push, that she needed.

The kick off
And so it was, that day when, Ingelosi Design Studio was born, June 2016. She met a few new people on her way and slowly but surely things started to happen.
The clients rowed in. And she thought it was relatively simple.

With 18 years of experience in the Graphic, Signage and Printing industry she took her talent and desire to provide a service above the rest and created a unique graphic design company. Despite the challenges that come her way she moved forward, and is still on the road to success.

But as things went on, she realized that there is much more opportunities out there. Even more what she realized at first. And after all, the sky is indeed the limit.
With the internet at hand and all the things you have access to, what will be the excuse, for not trying! Success is just around the corner!

New opportunities for the future
Two year passed already. It’s time to over looked the business. Time to restructured the company. I want to take my business forward in the right direction. And the way to go, is an Internet online store. The great thing about this is: I can work from anywhere in the world. My brands and designs can and will be exposed to international platforms and new clients can come my way. It wouldn’t be possible if I have only a local store. I can be paid in Dollars, Euros or even Pounds, maybe I can get famous one day, or get recognized by amazon.com (and they might even ask   me to join in with them) but to get famous, is not for now.
For now, I just have to do what I do   the best and enjoy what I am doing and at the end everything will work out for the best.

The future
Ingelosi Design Studio is not only restricted to Graphic Design or Web Design or an Internet Online Store. Design can go further than this. I can look at: Photography, Art Studio, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Film and Video Making, Animation etc. Always look for new opportunities!

This is much more than Design! I take your thousand words, and combine them into ONE Awesome design!

Through my creativity I strive to bring a joyful playfulness to your business. I infuse a celebration of life in everything I do.

Where am I?
I am based in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Services I offer?
Ingelosi Design Studio
is a small design agency which focuses on:
Graphic Design
Printing (Additional) I only use the best printers)
Promotional Products
Web Design
Social Media
Photography (Small scale)